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The attendants personal purchases (also known as the personal shopper ) use their expert knowledge for items or their puchases for customers. Some personal shopping assistants work in department stores or fashion clothing stores. They advise which items are best suited to the clients.

Personal shopper could also offer a complete makeover service. Others make purchases for people who can not go shopping on their own. Personal shopping assistants choose the personal items of the clients according to their needs, tastes, and budget.

They serve clients individually or in small groups. First, they ask them questions to find out the customer’s needs and how much they want to spend. For example, a client may need clothes for a special occasion such as a wedding, a job interview or to go on vacation; or someone might also want to have a complete makeover.

The personal shopping assistant obtains information about the tastes and preferences of their client and then goes through the store and selects the most suitable items for the client, using his knowledge to choose the colors and styles that they think will be adapted to his client.

When the client tries on the clothes, the assistant must be near the tester to continue advising him. However, the customer has no obligation to buy anything.

If the client decides to buy any of the items, the assistant is responsible for the sale (cash or credit card) and involves the purchase. In addition, you must keep records of each appointment.

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Some clients ask for regular appointments with their personal assistant, for example, at the beginning of each new season, so that assistant already has knowledge of the tastes and preferences of that person.

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