2 Things You Must Know About fashion

What?s in fashion? Pay attention to the 2 most important things to know about fashion?and?answer the question yourself.

  1. What makes you happy? Every time you contemplate a purchase, ask the same question, ?Do?you feel good in that, does it make you happy?? If the answer is no, even if the price is right or?if the outfit was featured in a fashion magazine, you will push it to the back of your closet?and won?t wear it.
  2. What looks good on you?? Shop with a digital camera in hand.? The best way to decide if?something looks good is to see yourself? in a picture. Consider the basics: Are you too tall or?too short, to heavy or too thin to carry the look? What colors look best with your hair or skin?tone? You can help yourself. ?Long jackets can camouflage large hips or thighs.? Dark?bottoms with light tops are often more flattering than solids.? If you are too thin to carry?the skinny pants, pair them with a top that is soft and flowing, or even a long top with a?belt.

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