Age Reset Hair Treatment Pack with volume effect

Age Reset Hair Treatment Pack with volume effect

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Set Includes:

  • Bain Shampoo Age Reset – 250 ml
  • Instant Mask Age Reset – 200 ml
  • Serum Essential Light – 100 ml
Bain Shampoo Age Reset


  • Age Reset Bain Shampoo for fine hair with stem cells and botox.
  • It provides hair density, strengthens hair, adds volume, and shines.
  • It can help to increase hair thickness and increase hair volume and also has anti-aging effects.
  • improvement of the general condition of the hair,
  • increased shine and radiance,
  • an increase in hair volume,
  • hair becomes stronger and denser
  • It also has anti-aging effects

How to use:

  • Wash your hair as usual. Leave the shampoo on your hair for a few minutes and rinse.
Instant Mask Age Reset

  • The main action of this product is to increase the thickness of the fiber, fill its interior and increase the volume of hair. It also has a rejuvenation effect.
  • It will improve the general aspect of the hair, due to the straightening of the cuticle and the increase of its shine.
  • It will increase the thickness of the hair fiber, its resistance, and its strength, increase the hair volume, and increase the hair shine.

How to use:

  • 5/6 applications on hair dried with a towel, leave it to act for 10 minutes, and rinse
Essential Light Serum for fine hair

  • Its provides volume does not make hair heavy.
  • It contains active ingredients to care for thin and sensitive hair: plant stem cell extract, microemulsion of moisturizing oils, cationic conditioners and black pepper extract, and tree bark extract.
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